About Us

Rotoplas Unanderra

We’re not just a manufacturing company.

In essence, yes, a manufacturing company is the type of business we are. However we object to the term ‘manufacturing company’ because we are so much more than that.

We’re Rotoplas.

We’re trusted, we’re quality-oriented, we’re family owned, and we’re an organisation that loves to brainstorm, design, create and deliver. With our rotational moulding expertise and experience, we have the ability to explore, to put exciting ideas to the test, to produce amazing products and to continually innovate and make changes to our range to make sure we’re delivering what’s right for our customers’ needs.

What We Stand For

Here at Rotoplas, we value:

Integrity – we are upfront, reliable, honest, loyal and responsible in our business dealings.

Innovation – we believe in creativity. The rotational moulding industry provides endless opportunities for us to continuously improve by listening to and anticipating our customers’ needs.

Customer satisfaction – we don’t just provide products, we provide solutions. We always put our customers’ best interests first, and this is evidenced in our product quality, efficiency, friendliness, and professionalism.

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