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What Garden products does Rotoplas supply?

Rotoplas manufacture and supply compost tumblers, lawn aerators and lawn rollers.

The Rapid Compost Tumbler is an easy turn compost barrel with a frame allowing wheelbarrow access underneath.

The Rapid Lawn Aerator is a 60 litre water fillable barrel with spikes for aerating your lawn.

The Rapid Lawn Roller is a 60 litre or 100 litre water fillable barrel for levelling your yard.

Why are Rotoplas garden products better than other brands?

Made locally in Wollongong, our gardening products are characterised by quality, durability and functionality. The plastic barrels are manufactured from UV-resistant polyethylene, providing years of durability in the Australian elements.

How will Rotoplas garden products help my garden?

With the right materials, the Rapid Compost Tumbler can make nutrient rich compost for your garden in as little as 2 weeks. It’s quick, clean and neat, easy to use, durable, proven, and a recycling solution. The Rapid Lawn Aerator creates holes in your soil to allow easy absorption of nutrients, moisture and oxygen in your lawn.

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