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Tow Behind Lawn Roller

60L Lawn Roller with Tow Bracket LR60TB

Product Code: LR60TB

When you need to level a large lawn or yard, having a tow behind lawn roller can save a lot of work. Simply hitch it up to your mower or tractor and you’re good to go!

Whether you need to lay turf, you’re rolling a bowling green, or you’re simply levelling your yard because those pesky birds and insects have damaged the surface again, the 60 litre tow behind lawn roller is a durable, easy-to-use roller, and can do the job. Not only that, it makes it so much easier by doing the hard yards for you. Hitch it up to your ride on mower and you’re good to go. No pushing, just steering!

The 60 litre tow behind lawn roller features:

  • Durable polyethylene barrel 630mm wide
  • Galvanised steel tow bracket for towing behind your ride on mower
  • Water fillable barrel so you can vary weight to suit application around the yard


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