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Medium sized Compost Tumbler - 300 Litre

Medium Sized Compost Tumbler – 300 Litre

Product Code: CT300E

The medium sized compost tumbler is of 300 Litre capacity. It is durable, long lasting, easy to use and a perfect size for the average home and yard with plenty of compostable material. You can view the features and specifications below.

Price: $445.00 incl GST. This product can ship to most locations in Australia, but requires a quote to confirm the applicable freight cost. Please add this product to your quote cart, include your phone number and delivery location, and we will get back to you with the freight cost.

This medium sized compost tumbler, the 300 Litre Rapid Compost Tumbler, is perfect for the average sized home and yard. The more you use it, the more you’ll like it. As dependable as a workhorse, the Rapid Compost Tumbler is a gardener’s dream. It’s superior quality will not let you down when, quite frankly, a paper thin and rust prone alternative would.

Sometimes, you just can’t compromise on quality. Especially on outdoor products in Australia. There’s a whole range of poor quality, and difficult to use, imported compost tumblers out there. The Rapid Compost Tumbler isn’t one of them. We manufacture our compost tumblers right here in Wollongong, NSW using the rotational moulding process, which you can read about here. We almost never receive warranty claims, and this product has been around since the early nineties. Why then? It’s simply because our products are made to last. We believe that quality is the most important factor when purchasing a product that needs to last outdoors. If you’re going to invest in products for a healthy garden, we say, invest wisely!

In addition to the superior quality, we have outlined here in a handy blog post why the ease of use of the Rapid Compost Tumbler is the best way to make compost without the mess and the impractical, tedious, back-breaking labour of traditional composting methods.

You are welcome to call us on 1800 218 000 with any questions about our products. We’re proud of our products, and we’re here to help!


  • Medium sized compost tumbler with 300 litre capacity
  • Easy grip hand wheel for turning
  • Removable lid for ease of filling and emptying
  • Vents for maximum air flow
  • Stainless steel mixing rods
  • Galvanised and powdercoated frame
  • Durable, non-rust Australian made polyethylene drum manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene, resistant to Australian weather! Oh, and did we say Australian made?
  • Elevated barrel to allow for wheelbarrow access, saving you from back breaking labour when transferring compost
  • Easy assembly. There’s no flat packing, no component list stretching into the hundreds, and no degree required! Single piece barrel only requires fitting of rods, handwheel, frame and lid.


  • Base Dimensions: 870mm Long x 980mm Wide
  • Drum Dimensions: 750mm Long x 800mm Diameter
  • Overall Height: 1500mm
  • Clearance Height: 650mm


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