Six Advantages of Plastic Linen Trolleys

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The advantages of plastic linen trolleys for commercial laundry use, as compared to mesh or wire cage trolleys, are numerous.

It is important for commercial laundries to choose the best linen trolleys to suit their needs so that they can efficiently deliver linen service to their clients. We talk about the advantages of plastic linen trolleys made from durable polyethylene, and why they are superior to wire cage or mesh trolleys.


They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

It is no trouble to move plastic linen trolleys around, provided of course, that they are not overloaded! Polyethylene linen trolleys come with a number of handle options such as cut out grips or stainless steel flat bar handles. This is different with mesh trolleys because they have no smooth surface to grip, and pushing full trolleys becomes more of a challenge.

They operate with minimal noise. 

The smooth surface and single piece design of our plastic linen trolleys means there is no squeaking, creaking or groaning. Many wire cage trolley designs ignore the issue of sides becoming loose and rattling, resulting in high-noise operation.

They provide superior hygiene through ease of sterilisation.

It is very easy to wipe clean a smooth polyethylene surface. Being water and chemical resistant, plastic linen trolleys can be put through a trolley wash without danger of corrosion.

On the other hand, mesh trolleys are vulnerable to corrosion, and are very difficult to clean. The small corners in the mesh are dirt and germ havens.


They are durable and long lasting. 

Our polyethylene material is water and chemical resistant, so it doesn’t rust. It can take impact without dinting. It is coloured throughout rather than coated, so it doesn’t discolour. 

The opposite is true of wire cage trolleys because they are known to dint, lose their coating, and corrode.

They have lower maintenance costs. 

Mesh trolleys are dependent on joins and welds, which makes them more susceptible to damage. This means a maintenance team may need to spend hours welding up the mesh joins.

This is not so with polyethylene. Polyethylene trolleys are moulded as a single piece. With a strong design, they last for years with little to no maintenance. If there is an accidental collision, the flexibility of plastic linen trolley can absorb the impact with minimal damage caused.


They are brighter and more customisable with a great range of options.

Our tallboy linen trolleys are available in a fantastic range of bright colours. We also offer covers, handles, shelves, company branding and loads of other options.

Wire cage trolleys are unsightly, and less customisable. This limits the ability to portray a company brand, meet individual linen servicing requirements, and put smiles on faces!

When you customise laundry trolleys to suit your requirements, you know you’re getting the best trolleys for your needs.

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