Top Eight Benefits of Rainwater Tanks

There are many benefits of rainwater tanks. This slimline water tank has been installed to provide water supply to a modern new home.
The benefits of rainwater tanks are environmental, personal, and financial.

If you’re like many people, you may not realise how much there is to gain by installing a rainwater tank. You may not even have thought that rainwater tanks have any benefit at all. We’re here to help you understand that the benefits of rainwater tanks are indeed many, as you will find below.

Helping Our Environment

To save water.

This is perhaps the first reason you think of when considering whether to install a rainwater tank. Australia is an extremely drought prone country, and water is one of our most valuable natural resources.

One of the benefits of rainwater tanks is that you are making the best use of the rainfall you receive. If you save rainwater, you reduce your dependence on mains water, drawing less out of storage from dams.

To reduce adverse environmental impacts.

Normally in a heavy rain event, there is a lot of water runoff. When you connect a rainwater tank, the rainfall on your roof flows straight into storage. This reduces both the water run off and the groundwater.

Less water flowing onto the ground means there is less soil erosion, because the ground is not as wet and prone to slipping away. This means there is less debris washed into waterways. It is easy to see how a rainwater tank can reduce contamination of creeks and other natural ecosystems. If you live in a flood prone area, you will also reduce the risk of flood damage to your own property.

Securing Your Own Pure Water Supply

To gain a purer water source.

Every drop of rainwater you catch in a tank is fresh, pure, natural water. Rainwater is safe for drinking, and contains no added chemicals, and no unpleasant taste or odour.

Furthermore, being softer than tap water helps rainwater to lather better. It is ideal for cleaning, especially washing cars and windows! There may also be health benefits in drinking fresh water as opposed to mains water.

Did you know your own plants love rainwater too? Since rainwater has a neutral pH, it is softer than chemically treated mains water, and optimises nutrient uptake in the soil. Rainwater doesn’t contain any calcium, ion, magnesium, or chlorine, so it prevents build-up from destroying your plants.

To gain a back-up water supply.

Even if you don’t connect your rainwater tank to your mains system, you can still count on it as a backup. When water levels get low and restricted or there is an issue with mains supply, you will be thankful to have a back up ready to go. You can catch rainwater, store it, and save it for contingencies.

To have greater flexibility with water restrictions

Rainwater is suitable for all uses, including household water and drinking. You can also fit a ball valve and connect your garden hose for washing the car, watering your garden, or hosing the driveway or pavement. Many Australians know by experience that these are all things that are regulated by water restrictions during drought. Having a rainwater tank allows you to have more freedom in the way you use your water supply.

Making a Long-term Investment

To save money off your water bill.

Although you have to pay for the supply and install of a rainwater tank, you do save money off your water bill. And who doesn’t love ongoing savings off utility bills?

Your rainwater tank is a long term investment which brings immediate savings to your bill as you rely on free water rather than town water. A fully connected rainwater harvesting system that can supply most of your household water needs offers significant cost savings.

The more homeowners who install rainwater tanks, the greater collective reduction in the cost of mains water supply and maintenance. In some areas, local governments offer cash rebates for installing rainwater tanks.

To add value to your home.

A well designed, and high quality rainwater tank can improve the appearance of any Australian home or yard. A rainwater tank may even be seen as a quintessential feature of the Australian dream home. Indeed, many new homes incorporate their rainwater tank as a design feature.

Rainwater tanks also increase the water efficiency of the home and many real estate listings feature a rainwater tank as an attribute.

For both their aesthetic value, and environmental sustainability, a rainwater tank has the potential to increase the value and appeal of your home.

To comply with building regulations.

In New South Wales, new builds and some renovations must meet energy and water efficiency targets. This system is known as BASIX. Installing a rainwater tank is an easy way to comply with BASIX regulations. It gives the user points for water sustainability, contributing to the overall score.

Benefits of Rainwater Tanks: in Summary

Some of the benefits of rainwater tanks are obvious and self-explanatory, like saving water for home use. Other benefits, like reducing flood damage, and having healthier plants and gardens might have surprised you.

All in all, rainwater tanks bring a lot of personal, financial, and environmental benefits, and will usually prove a wise investment for many years!

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