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We frequently publish articles about our products, industry insights, company news and more, which we hope you will find helpful and enlightening! We invite you to browse our articles, and contact us with any feedback or any ideas you would like us to research.

Rotoplas Company Resources

Company Resources

The digital age has empowered us more than ever to make educated choices. We’ve put together a whole range of helpful resources to enable you to be informed about our products and services. View our product catalogues and flyers, assembly instructions, installation instructions, freight details, colour charts and more. And if there’s anything further you need, just give us a call on 1800 218 000.

Rotoplas Image Galleries

Image Galleries

We understand that sometimes, you just need to see the product doing the job it’s made for. Relax- we’ve got your back. Here at Rotoplas, we’re always building up our image galleries, so that you don’t have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself just what our products can do, and how amazing they look. We try to include as many different colours and variations as possible to give you every idea of how our products would look in your application and environment.


Warranty Registration

Make it easier for yourself; register your product warranty now, and save any hassles later. With your purchase details on file, we’ll have no trouble at all verifying your product in the highly unlikely event of any product issue. We repeat; it’s not at all likely to occur, but you can never be too prepared, and 2 minutes effort now will give you absolute assurance that the warranty process is hassle-free should you require a claim.

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