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Rapid Lawn Aerator

What is a Lawn Aerator?

It is a garden tool used to create holes in the soil of your lawn, reducing compaction and promoting growth. The Rotoplas Rapid Lawn Aerator is a 60 litre barrel with 60 millimetre long spikes and a galvanised handle for pulling across your lawn.

Why should I buy a Lawn Aerator?

Particularly when your lawn is heavily compacted or the soil is poor, aerating your grass improves its ability to absorb moisture, nutrients and oxygen. Aeration optimises the environment for a healthy lawn.

Why a Rotoplas Rapid Lawn Aerator?

The barrel is manufactured in Australia from durable, UV-resistant polyethlyene, in a single piece mould, with no seams or joins.

Supplied with a drain bung, allowing it to be water filled to increase or reduce the weight, suited to the requirements of your lawn.

The spikes are removable for safe storage.

Whether you have a small yard or a large yard, it is easy to be green, with both pull and mower tow behind models available.

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