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What are Rotoplas tub trolleys used for?

They are commonly used in laundries, hospitals, aged care centres, motels, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. They may also be referred to as mobile tubs, bin trolleys, or storage bins, depending on the application and industry. Tub trolleys can be used to store or handle linen, food, waste or rubbish, packaged goods and many other items.

What sizes are Rotoplas tub trolleys available in?

Our rectangular tubs range from 150 to 650 litre capacity, and we also make a square 160 litre tub and a square 290-litre bin trolley. You can view the product dimensions on the individual product pages below.

Variances of up to 3% may occur in product sizes because of the nature of the manufacturing process.

Are Rotoplas tub trolleys suitable for my industry?

We offer a range of options because this allows for compatibility with different industries. Some examples include:
Stainless steel dollys, which eliminate risk of contamination when used as fruit bins, cereal bins, meat bins, seafood bins or any other food application.
Ergonomic spring lifters, which allow for transfer of heavy materials such as wet linen in and out of the tubs
Handles, which enable easier mobility for order picking trolleys.
Weatherproof lids, which improve containment of materials.

What are the main benefits of Rotoplas tub trolleys?

The greatest benefit is that they are moulded from polyethylene which gives a number of advantages. These include strength, exceptional durability, a smooth, easy-clean surface, and the ability to produce in a large range of bright colours.

I’m not sure what options I need, what is the standard configuration?

If you’re not too fussed on options, we suggest a natural or blue coloured tub with a standard dolly; which is a gal base and zinc plated rubber castors.

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