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SureStep Safety Step

The innovative, versatile design of the Rotoplas SureStep makes the SureStep a step ahead of the rest when it comes to a safety step stool. It is a durable safety solution for easily and safely reaching heights in a warehouse, office, library or supermarket, or various other settings where safety is paramount. It’s wide base platform and generous anti-slip surface ensures stability by eliminating feet movement.

What are the main safety features of the Rotoplas SureStep?

A safety step is always a better option than a box, crate, or any other makeshift step which isn’t made for standing on! Use it to reach shelves easily and safely.

Available with optional rubber bumpers for extra stability.

Available with spring castors for mobility. Roll the step along the floor rather than straining your back by picking it up and moving it.

Nestable for compact storage so you can stack them up. We don’t want you tripping over your safety step when it’s not in use!

It’s sturdy and lightweight, and it has large anti-slip surfaces for extra safety.

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