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Modular Slimline Water Tanks

What are Modular Slimline Water Tanks?

Modular slimline water tanks are comprised of several round water tank modules that are supplied pre-connected at the top and bottom via brass fittings.

Why choose a Modular Slimline Water Tank?

The main advantage of this type of tank over other rainwater tanks is flexibility. Due to the way they are built and connected, you are able to start off small and add modules later, as required. We also have several models available, ensuring that you can secure the right sized tank for the space you have. If you have a tricky space that you can’t fit a traditional slimline into, these tanks may be the best choice for you!

What do the terms ‘900 series’, ‘1000 series’ and ‘1100 series’ refer to? 

These labels provide a quick reference to the width of the tank. ‘900 series’ models are 900mm wide, ‘1000 series’ are 1000mm wide and ‘1100mm series’ are 1100mm wide. Generally the wider the tank, the less modules, and therefore the lower cost.

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