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Round Water Tanks

Why buy round water tanks?

Round rainwater tanks are a popular option where plenty of space is available. We manufacture to order in your preferred colour from a range of over 20 popular colours, and we have a style and size available to suit every home.

Rotoplas round water tanks

Rotoplas makes a large range of quality round water tanks, with sizes from 500 litre capacity to 10000 litre capacity. We also have a rural water tank at 22700 litre capacity.
Our round water tanks have been designed to last a long time. They have domed tops which means that they are self supporting, and internal frames are not required.
They also have traditional corrugated wall profiles for added strength.

All Rotoplas round water tanks are supplied with a fitted leaf strainer and a loose overflow. They are also supplied with quality 25mm BSP brass outlets moulded into the tank. You can view the product specification sheets on each individual product page for fitting locations or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our rainwater tanks are high quality, UV resistant, and are covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

*We usually make our tanks to order based on your colour and size preference, with a normal production time of 3-4 weeks.

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