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  • 450 litre tub trolley

450 Litre Tub Trolley (Tapered)

Product Code: TRT450

Rotoplas 450 Litre Tub Trolley
132cm long
72cm wide
77.5cm high including castors
Tapered sides

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This 450 litre tub trolley with tapered sides is a multi purpose solution for general rubbish, linen, food, and many other applications. Rotoplas tub trolleys are versatile because they have been designed to suit a broad market spectrum including health, aged care, hospitality, accommodation, food processing, and warehousing.


  • 450 litre tub trolley made from food grade polyethylene
  • Ideal for handling bulky items because of the large 450 litre capacity
  • Easy nesting because of tapered sides
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean smooth surface
  • Provision for a range of options to suit any purpose and application, including dolly for mobility, stainless steel base and castors for complete suitability for the food industry, coil or hanging spring rising bases to save your back, drain bungs for easy drainage, weather-proof lids for easier containment and galvanised handles for ease of manoeuvring.
  • Available in a range of bright colours


  • Length 1320mm(rim)/1180mm(base)
  • Width 720mm(rim)/580mm(base)
  • Height 625mm (plus an additional 150mm when fitted with 125mm castors)

Applications include:

  • Linen trolleys
  • Food storage bins
  • Order pickers
  • Factory waste bins
  • Meat waste/offal bins

Why do people buy polyethylene tub trolleys?

People mainly buy our polyethylene tub trolleys because they are strong and durable. Another reason why our tub trolleys are popular is because of their aesthetic value. Many people think Rotoplas tub trolleys are great looking because they are available in a range of attractive bright colours.


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Additional information

Tub Colour

Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Lime Green, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Magenta, Orange, Teal, Grey, Natural (white)


Dolly to suit TRT450 in corner castor pattern, Dolly to suit TRT450 in diamond castor pattern, Stainless Steel Dolly to suit TRT450 in corner castor pattern, Stainless Steel Dolly to suit TRT450 in diamond castor pattern, None required

Castor Type

125mm Blue Rubber, 125mm Blue Polyurethane, 120mm Black Polypropylene, None required

Castor Configuration

2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Brake, 2 Fixed and 2 Swivel (no brake), 2 Swivel (no brake) and 2 Swivel Brake, 4 Swivel (no brake), None required


Weatherproof Lid to suit TRT450, None required


Tub Handle to suit TRT450, None required

Rising Base

Coil Spring Rising Base with Poly Top to suit TRT450, Coil Spring Rising Base with Gal Top to suit TRT450, Hanging Spring Rising Base to suit TRT450, None required

Spring Capacity

25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, No rising base required

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