Rainwater Tanks for BASIX Requirements

BASIX Requirements

Building a new home is a big project. In New South Wales, meeting BASIX requirements and obtaining a BASIX certificate is necessary in order to receive council approval for your application.

What is BASIX? BASIX is short for the Building Sustainability Index and is a measure of the environmental sustainability of a development. It is a planning tool that was introduced by the NSW Government, and it effects all residential developments with a total estimated cost of works of $50, 000 or more. BASIX assesses the water and energy efficiency of developments, and by meeting practical design requirements, new residential dwellings and alterations are able to use less water and energy. In the long term, this saves you money and conserves natural resources.

How does BASIX work? BASIX is an online program accessible by everyone. The user enters design data about the proposed development – such as location, size, and building materials – into the BASIX tool. It analyses the data and produces a score against the energy and water targets. In Sydney, for example, a development must meet a minimum score of 40 for both the water and energy components. Once the design passes the targets, it is eligible for a BASIX certificate.

The BASIX Certificate. This is a list of BASIX requirements that the user has committed to meeting. The Certifying Authority will check these at various stages of construction. The BASIX Certificate must be attached to the development application before it can be processed.

Sustainability Options. BASIX is flexible and easy to use, allowing users to determine how they will meet targets from a wide range of options such as rainwater tanks, water-saving fixtures, efficient hot water systems, improved insulation, natural heating and cooling, energy efficient appliances, passive solar orientation, natural lighting and native plants for gardens. View an ideal BASIX development plan here.

More info. For more information about BASIX requirements, visit the BASIX website at, call 1300 650 908 or email

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