Rainwater Tanks for Water Conservation

Rainwater Tanks for water conservation are a great tool on rural properties like this one

Rainwater tanks for water conservation; it’s their single purpose, the reason they exist, and the reason so many governing bodies reward individuals with rebates and certificates for installing them. Why is water conservation important? Because out of all the water that covers around 70% of the Earth’s surface, only about 2.5% is fresh. And even then, a lot of that is inaccessible. Don’t believe us? Google it. It’s true.

Narrow that down to Australia, and we are the driest inhabited continent in the world. Don’t believe that either? You can Google that too.

Narrow it down again to NSW, where water restrictions are currently in place across much of the state, which continues to experience severe drought. You shouldn’t need to Google that.

With our history of long periods of drought, and poor water infrastructure in Australia, water management is a pretty darn important issue facing governments and society.

For us as individuals, a simple start would be to recognise the fact that when you have excess (i.e.when it rains), you catch it, keep it and save it, right? Rainwater tanks are a smart, easy way to catch and save rainwater. Every drop of rainwater you catch in a tank is less to draw from our depleting dams. You can read some of our blog articles about the drought here.

We manufacture a large range of quality, good looking round water tanks, slimline water tanks, underdeck water tanks, vertical underground tanks and more, which we deliver throughout the Newcastle, Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast, Canberra and Southern Highlands regions. If you’re looking for rainwater tanks for water conservation around your home, workplace or rural property, you can check out all of our tanks by viewing them here. Or, you can just download our latest catalogue, or contact us today to discuss your requirements. We would love to hear from you!

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