Featuring our 22700L Rural Water Tank

Rural Water Tank

Rotoplas’ rural water tank is specially designed for farms, rural properties, civil work sites, and industrial sheds. It features a generous 22,700 litres of capacity, making it ideal for bulk water storage.

Product design features of Rotoplas’ rural water tank

The 22,700 litre rural water tank is a very popular size, and there are several reasons for this. However, the main features that people like about it are its large capacity, cost-effectiveness, and durability.

✅ Capacity.

A rural water tank is a great choice for agricultural purposes like irrigation and keeping animals watered and cool. Its capacity is sufficient for washing the cars, boat or farm machinery as well. However, it isn’t just farms that need lots of water; road and civil projects need access to a bulk water supply too. And some industrial sites with large sheds have the roof area to not only catch a lot of rainwater, but to use it too. So all in all, a large rainwater tank is very useful in lots of different applications.

✅ Cost-effectiveness.

Despite being oversize, our rural water tank fits well on a truck and trailer combination, and this makes it cost effective to freight. Consequently, on a per litre basis, you get the greatest capacity for your investment of almost any tank on the market! A 22,700 litre tank is only a little more expensive than some tanks of a lot less capacity.

✅ Strength and durability.

The starting point for rainwater tank product design is almost always strength. You might have the best looking design, but how will the product hold up when it is full of water? Will the walls and roof be strong enough? For every litre of water inside the tank, the pressure gets greater, and so the bigger the tank is, the stronger it needs to be.

The domed and ribbed roof of our 22,700 litre tank is fully self supporting, which means it holds up on its own. Internal supports like centre poles or stainless steel arms are not required in our tanks. Since we launched this tank in 2016, we have not had any warranty claims at all, which speaks to its strong design.

Our rural water tanks are manufactured from UV-resistant polyethylene. This means that exposure to the elements does not cause any fading or buckling, which is important for the long-term durability of the tank. Poly water tanks are a long-term investment and with a little maintenance, they can last many years.

Aesthetic appearance is obviously an important consideration as well, because who wants a strong tank that looks ugly? No one we know. Our rural water tank features a sleek design and is available in over 20 popular colours. This provides scope for matching your home or shed, but also for blending into the surroundings, whether they be Australian bush, hills or paddocks. Your rainwater tank should be a source of pride, not embarrassment!

Looking back to product launch

When we launched our rural water tank in 2016, it was an exciting new challenge for us to manufacture and deliver a large rural water tank. Prior to this, we made all of our tanks on one small machine and delivered most of them by courier, however, for a tank almost 4 metres wide, this would be almost impossible! We needed to increase our manufacturing capabilities, expand our technical skills, and invest in our own delivery trucks.

Now, we have done just that, and have delivered hundreds and hundreds of rural water tanks. Throughout 2019, severe drought affected large parts of New South Wales and this created huge demand for rainwater tanks.
Our delivery drivers have journeyed to sunny rural towns and isolated country properties that we hadn’t ever heard of. We have supplied a means of water storage to civil work sites like the Albion Park Rail Bypass, WestConnex, and other road and industry projects. We have helped our customers to save millions of litres of water.

Onwards to the future

Water supply is an ongoing issue, and we continue to deliver rural water tanks throughout Eastern New South Wales and the ACT.  We are committed to delivering quality rainwater tanks that complement and support the environments they are placed in.

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