Wire Cage Trolleys v/s Plastic Linen Trolleys – We’ve Made the Choice Easy!

Benefits of Plastic Linen Trolleys

It’s a common linen handling choice: wire cage trolleys v/s plastic linen trolleys. We encourage well-informed choices, so we’re taking the time to explain why plastic linen trolleys are superior.

1. Lightweight and Easy to Manoeuvre: With plastic being lighter than metal, and a choice of easy handle holds over against the lack of handles on most mesh designs, being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre is the number one bonus of a plastic linen trolley.

2. Durable and Long Lasting: Rotationally moulded polyethylene is water and chemical resistant, so it doesn’t rust. It can take impact without dinting. It is manufactured with the same colour throughout, not simply coated, so it doesn’t discolour. Needless to say, over time, wire cage trolleys do dint, lose their coating, and corrode.

3. Superior Hygiene: Obviously, the issue of hygiene is a big one. Mesh trolleys, besides being vulnerable to corrosion, are very difficult to clean. All those small corners in the mesh are dirt and germ havens! With plastic, however, hygiene becomes simple. Firstly, being waterproof and resistant to most chemicals, there is no danger of corrosion. Additionally, the smooth surface, as opposed to mesh wire cage trolleys, makes sterilisation very easy.

4. Low Noise Operation: The smooth surface and single piece design ensures plastic linen trolleys won’t wake any patients with any squeaking, creaking or rumbling down the hallway! Many wire cage trolley designs ignore the issue of sides becoming loose and rattling, resulting in high-noise operation.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Mesh tends to wear and break, requiring a constant maintenance team who spend hours welding up the mesh joins, but not so with a plastic linen trolley. Furthermore, where there is the odd collision, over against the stiff wire cage trolleys, the more flexible plastic linen trolley can take the impact with minimal damage caused.

6. Extensive Range of Options: Whether it be in colours, covers, handles, shelves, bases, company branding, traceability, document holders for clipboards, tow attachments for electrical tug units, or hanging rails, we really do believe that our continually expanding range of options is far superior to what is available on wire cage trolleys. We have taken a look around, and we can’t find any wire cage trolleys that have as many handy add-ons as our plastic linen trolleys do. It all comes down to what helps you get the job done, and we’re all for efficiency, every time.

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